shadesofpain (shadesofpain) wrote in boykissage,

w00tness. So I have a fun boy kissing story.

There were four of us in a car, which has a sunroof. The other guy in the back seat is straight, but very comfortable around me. We often make ut for fun. He is amazingly fine, with the skinny short haired emo kid look, and I am the more nerdy/goth look. We pull up at a stop light, the longest in the city. The car in front of us has three bumper stickers, "one man + one woman=marriage", "W", and "Jesus is the answer". Taking our cue, the driver in the front seat opens the sun roof and turns on MSI's Faggot, full blast. The other guy and I undo our seatbelts and then porceed to stick our heads through the sunroof and start to make out. That caught the attention of the driver in front of us who pomptly flicked us off and sped through the now green light. Both of us were laughing severely and we decided to continue what we started in the backseat. We stayed the evening to gether, and let's just say cuddling with straight guys is mucho bueno.

I am sorry I didn't get pics, but damn it was hot.
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