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[09 Aug 2008|09:25am]


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"Anonymous" Kissing [11 May 2008|01:09pm]

I hope this is okay, I just joined this community today; so I apologize if this isn't welcome here. Anyway, I put this montage together almost a year ago. It has oer 400,000 views on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy. It is not safe for work (duh) but its not porn either (technically).

And here's another one with clips from Latter Days interspersed.
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Are we allowed? [20 Nov 2007|06:58pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Are we allowed to post pictures of the men of Bel Ami? Sorry, there wasn't an email to email any mods.

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Gale!Bootylicious ! [30 Sep 2007|05:01pm]

I have made some snapshots today and decided to gather some yummy images and do a picspam in honor of Gale's:

WARNINGS:Bootylicious ahead ! Be sure to have a bucket near at hand for drool !
LOTS of pictures !

NSFWCollapse )
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[14 Jul 2007|02:16pm]

Hi guys, just wanted to let you fellow boy kissing fans about a sexual poster of Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal of Placebo, kissing ^-^

Picture of the poster is under the cut, enjoy!

Slashy love here.Collapse )
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Birthday picspam ! [10 Jul 2007|10:57am]

Since today is Gale Harold's birthday I say we celebrate his beauty and majesty with a nice picspam !

Note: can be NSFW, contains hot gay action

Happy Birfday Gale !Collapse )
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[04 Feb 2007|05:06am]


2008 freedom is dead.

Read this bullshit


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Video Post [30 Jan 2007|11:46pm]


Come On Closer - a sexy montage of real life couple and ex porn stars, Winter Vance and Turk Melrose, set to Come on Closer by Jem.

EDIT: The video is now located on pornotube.com because youtube is run by homophobes. The picture quality isn't as good now, but if you want your own copy of the original, let me know and I'll get it to you.
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Video. [31 Jan 2007|04:36am]

I don't know how to put the video here, so I give the link:

A kiss is just a kiss

Hope you to enjoy.
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[12 Jan 2007|05:31am]

New gay forum I found today


I will post all my nudez there :P

Join it will get big :)
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"Sex is sex and love is love"-INXS [29 Oct 2006|03:49pm]


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GAYHAPPENING @ FIASCO [11 Oct 2006|03:06pm]

продолжаю вести фоторепортажи с вечеринки :

69,39 КБ

{{{GAY}}} (+30) Collapse )
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Let's Piss on Fred Phelps Grave! (xpost) [14 Sep 2006|11:57am]

This is a journal devoted to signing up people to converge in Kansas when Fred Phelps dies, march at his funeral, and then piss en masse on his grave -- as the FREE EXPRESSION of our political views.

I'd like the Phelps clan -- and LJ's own Margie Phelps [info]god_hates_phags -- to know just how many "mourners" they can expect when ol' Fred goes to meet his very-pissed-off maker.

If you're interested, leave a note and friend this journal, and you'll be kept updated as matters warrant.

Tell your friends on MySpace too!

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[17 Aug 2006|02:54pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

it's been awhile since I've been here, it's good to see this place is still going strong!

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[28 Jul 2006|03:15pm]

001-023 Boys Kissing (Slash)
024-028 Quote
029-034 Sad girls
035-036 Holding
037-038 Icons of my Artwork
039-040 Lonely Boys
041-045 Bases (Can put quote on them)
046-048 Random icons
049-049 Hello Kittie

(I posted this under my normal username </font>


[ Boys Kissin' is Hawt ]

 Just click the picture...
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new emo kidddd. [26 Jul 2006|03:57pm]



I'm Christopher or Chris or anything you'd prefer calling me.
= ]]
I'm eighteen years old and I heart alot of music. Not like music=love because friends have my heart.

Yeah, I'm not one for relationships. Seeing the fact, they don't work out well for me.


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Soccer [10 Jul 2006|09:36pm]

Some pictures of yesterday's match... *drools*

Cannavaro's the whoreCollapse )
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Yum [23 Jun 2006|11:56am]

Pretty kiss under the cutCollapse )

X-posted to boy_kissing, boyskissing, boykissage
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Teh Hawtness [13 Jun 2006|06:00pm]

Read more...Collapse )

Cross-posted to boy_kissing, boykissage, boyskissing and boyskissing2.
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[04 May 2006|12:03am]

w00tness. So I have a fun boy kissing story.

yummy kissingCollapse )
I am sorry I didn't get pics, but damn it was hot.
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